Monday, November 10, 2014


Everyone is becoming a techie one way or the other thanks to all the numerous gadgets in the market. Ever heard of ‘Wearable Tech’, that refers to technology gadgets that can be worn. This innovation has been the subject of many tech forums and webinars all over the globe. However, there are many wearable gadgets in the market, so in this article we would do a highlight of the coolest top five wearables of our time.

The Pepple Steel Watch
The sleek Pebble Steel isn’t just the best smart-watch ever, it is the blueprint for real world wearable tech beyond the publicities we have seen so far.  The company’s intent is for the watch design to have the look of tech jewelry. For students, designers and media types, it is a tidy retro chic statement. But for everyday people who wear suits and corporates; sporting that plastic design will never cut it, but hey who says you cannot wear it for your golf or polo game?

Fitbit Flex
This flexible cute band reflects its name. The Fitbit Flex helps you turn exercise into a game that works around your daily routines, the Flex aims to get you fit without setting foot in a gym. The Fitbit Flex could be just the thing to drag you off the sofa and into the land of the healthy. It comes in various attractive colors.

Jaw Bone
Who says you can’t be fitter? Don’t be confused by the name, Jawbone's Bluetooth enabled clever UP24 wristband can help you become and remain fitter. By tracking your sleep patterns, the Jawbone UP24 can also help you sleep better. It also tracks the steps you take and then by nudging you into doing a little better. That might involve challenging you to beat your steps goal by 20% or just vibrating to tell you that you've been lazing in your chair for too long. It's so cute and simple, but it really works.

The Nike TRI+ is biofeedback for the next generation of sport. It turns you into a cyborg – powered by apps rather than feeble human will power. An array of pressure and motion sensors in the Nike Lunar TR1+ soles mean your every movement is measured. Combine that with workout apps and you’re left with a robotic personal trainer that knows – and pushes – your workout efforts more accurately than any real-world trainer could hope to compete with.

Garmin Forerunner 620

Imagine a wearable-tech that combines a touchscreen with physical buttons and comes with a sensor-packed heart rate monitor belt, Wi-Fi capabilities and a USB charging cradle as standard. Sounds like Batman playing a spider-man, right? Well, then you need to see Garmin Forerunner 620. Garmin is the seasoned pro of the GPS gadget fraternity, with the Forerunner 620 being the latest in its long line of GPS fitness watches. Sounds like the recipe for run-recording perfection, and it nearly is.